11 October 2010

obsessed with october

Reasons why October is the best...

(started making my costume in August)

Fall weather creeping over Tallahassee

Sleeping with the windows open

A nice big harvest moon

Good deals on cars (we are looking)

Cooking these GEMS for dinner!!!

31 nights of scary movies (we created this, thank you instant netflix)
Session 9 was TERRIFYING

Pumpkin patches
Aug and I last year visiting the cabin house in n Ga

next weekend I'll be hanging with my favvvvvvvvie little seed in San Francisco 
then Band of Horses halloween weekend in ATL with out best friends

life is great
& i'm soaking up every moment.

xo mv

PS the "little jerry seinfeld" episode is on right now and I cannot wait to name a chicken after him.
I once had a "little jerry seinfeld" fish that lived for 5 years.

09 October 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon

From one Libra to another!

& a message from Yoko

xo mv

07 October 2010

San Fran!!!!!


I'll be turning a quarter of a century years old
(on October 16th)
 in the magical mystical city of Saaaaan Fraaaaancisco.

Aug and I will be meeting up with my little sis and her husband for a roaring good time. 
They just stocked up on some sweet Ikea gear for their apartment.

I can't wait to eat the most delicious burrito ever @ El Farolito.

I can't wait to walk through the streets of the most freaking amazing and biggest Chinatown in the states.

& I can't wait to drive down the PHC to Monterey.


Have I mentioned that I have the greatest guy in the world who put this together?
Love you Aug, you are the best!
This is my favorite picture, Isn't he handsome?

I cannnnnntttttt waiiiiit!!

xo mv