11 October 2010

obsessed with october

Reasons why October is the best...

(started making my costume in August)

Fall weather creeping over Tallahassee

Sleeping with the windows open

A nice big harvest moon

Good deals on cars (we are looking)

Cooking these GEMS for dinner!!!

31 nights of scary movies (we created this, thank you instant netflix)
Session 9 was TERRIFYING

Pumpkin patches
Aug and I last year visiting the cabin house in n Ga

next weekend I'll be hanging with my favvvvvvvvie little seed in San Francisco 
then Band of Horses halloween weekend in ATL with out best friends

life is great
& i'm soaking up every moment.

xo mv

PS the "little jerry seinfeld" episode is on right now and I cannot wait to name a chicken after him.
I once had a "little jerry seinfeld" fish that lived for 5 years.


  1. What a wonderful month :)

    Are you going to be the bee for Halloween? I remember you having that CD!

    Loves you!

  2. Yep!! I started making the costume in September! hahaha!

  3. Yay, you'll be in my citay ;-) Let me know if you need any suggestions/tips!

  4. i remember you having that CD too! you always had an epic cd collection... you will be SOO cute in that costume, can't wait to see it on!

  5. sounds action packed :) wish England went as crazy for Halloween, I don't have anything planned or to look forward to - bring back being a little kid :)