11 October 2010

obsessed with october

Reasons why October is the best...

(started making my costume in August)

Fall weather creeping over Tallahassee

Sleeping with the windows open

A nice big harvest moon

Good deals on cars (we are looking)

Cooking these GEMS for dinner!!!

31 nights of scary movies (we created this, thank you instant netflix)
Session 9 was TERRIFYING

Pumpkin patches
Aug and I last year visiting the cabin house in n Ga

next weekend I'll be hanging with my favvvvvvvvie little seed in San Francisco 
then Band of Horses halloween weekend in ATL with out best friends

life is great
& i'm soaking up every moment.

xo mv

PS the "little jerry seinfeld" episode is on right now and I cannot wait to name a chicken after him.
I once had a "little jerry seinfeld" fish that lived for 5 years.

09 October 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon

From one Libra to another!

& a message from Yoko

xo mv

07 October 2010

San Fran!!!!!


I'll be turning a quarter of a century years old
(on October 16th)
 in the magical mystical city of Saaaaan Fraaaaancisco.

Aug and I will be meeting up with my little sis and her husband for a roaring good time. 
They just stocked up on some sweet Ikea gear for their apartment.

I can't wait to eat the most delicious burrito ever @ El Farolito.

I can't wait to walk through the streets of the most freaking amazing and biggest Chinatown in the states.

& I can't wait to drive down the PHC to Monterey.


Have I mentioned that I have the greatest guy in the world who put this together?
Love you Aug, you are the best!
This is my favorite picture, Isn't he handsome?

I cannnnnntttttt waiiiiit!!

xo mv

22 September 2010

love this one ...

so much
(you are the best aug)

xo mv

10 September 2010

Don't tempt me with a good time ...

Oh life, 
oh how you tempt me 
with a good time...

Recent travels, friends, and experiences, have gave me the itch. 
I'm ready to go, get out, live, learn, laugh, play and make moves. 


We've already got close to $700 in our Spain jar...

and I've already got hot on Aug's tail to rearrange his schedule for 
a November road trip from San Francisco to LA
 to see friends (& Sister in Montrey!!) 


Labor Day weekend was spend lounging on the coast
in Santa Rosa beach with out favorite's

Food from out grill out session
...that's fresh shrimp, herb stuffed & parm crusted red snapper (from the local fish market, prepared by Aug), potato salad, toast, and veggie kebobs. mmhhmmm.

...we had fun :)

xo mv

01 September 2010

crabby crabby

Today was rough. My sister left for California and I already miss her SO MUCH.
We are only 15 months apart and have been super close our whole lives.
I'm a blubbering baby. Seriously, so sad.
 I can't wait to go visit them out in Monterey!

On the other hand ...
Monday was a great day.
Our boat is in the shop and the fish weren't biting sooooo,
we went crabbing!
Grabbed a few turkey necks and some cold ones and headed out to the ochlockonee bay.

Caught lots of hermits at first! 
They were adorable.

Our little oasis...

Aug scoopin'

Aug nettin'

Boil time...

A few crabs, shrimp later...

mmm mmm mmmm! 
For the boil we added some sweet & hot peppers from a friends garden, onions, garlic cloves, corn, chives, red potatoes, hot sausage, orzo pasta, sea salt, pepper, lemon & lime juice, crab boil seasoning bag, king fish chunks (from a previous fishing trip), shrimp, and some blue crab.
Drizzle some butter on top and enjoy! 

Happy Labor Day weekend folks!! 
We will either be 
camping / fishing / both / hanging / chillin / laughing / beaching
something awesome! 
What are your plans?!

xo mv

31 August 2010

flea fun

Hello & happy Tuesday. What a beautiful weekend it was in Tallahassee. 
There is a bit of cool in the air now and it feels soooo niiiice. 

Aug's band Relondondo played a show on Saturday night, 
always a good time.

Sunday was great, brunch with some friends then Papi & I went off to the flea market.

I almost came home with those chickens. 
I've got a coop that needs some love.

apparently anything is for sale?

hope everyone has a great evening!
xo mv 

29 August 2010

as most know...

The new Arcade Fire is so good!

Just had a delicious brunch with a few friends and this song came on my ipod on the drive home.
Just thought I'd share :)

Now Papi and I are off to the flea market! 

Happy Sunday!
xo mv 

27 August 2010


I don't even know where to start! 
So much has happened this week and I feel like my head hasn't stopped spinning and my feet haven't stopped moving.
I worked my first 11hr back to back day at the salon and I will admit, I'm beat. 
Julia and Eddie are happily married and on honeymoon in Hawaii. 
The wedding was nothing short of spectacular
I'm slowly transitioning back into somewhat of a schedule and it feels nice.
I made the first home cooked meal in weeks on Tuesday and it felt and tasted great! 
I'll post pics and recipes later :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Thanks Jamie for the snapshots! 

Now, hurry up weekend! 
I'm ready for you! 

xo mv

19 August 2010

little bird bride

Happy day before the day before your wedding little sister!
I love you SO much!

& you are such a cute little model.
omg I'm crying (again!)

On another note, 
I hit a major jackpot at the thrift store and will be snipping and sewing up a storm after this wedding weekend. 
Stay tuned for pics :)

xo mv