31 August 2010

flea fun

Hello & happy Tuesday. What a beautiful weekend it was in Tallahassee. 
There is a bit of cool in the air now and it feels soooo niiiice. 

Aug's band Relondondo played a show on Saturday night, 
always a good time.

Sunday was great, brunch with some friends then Papi & I went off to the flea market.

I almost came home with those chickens. 
I've got a coop that needs some love.

apparently anything is for sale?

hope everyone has a great evening!
xo mv 

29 August 2010

as most know...

The new Arcade Fire is so good!

Just had a delicious brunch with a few friends and this song came on my ipod on the drive home.
Just thought I'd share :)

Now Papi and I are off to the flea market! 

Happy Sunday!
xo mv 

27 August 2010


I don't even know where to start! 
So much has happened this week and I feel like my head hasn't stopped spinning and my feet haven't stopped moving.
I worked my first 11hr back to back day at the salon and I will admit, I'm beat. 
Julia and Eddie are happily married and on honeymoon in Hawaii. 
The wedding was nothing short of spectacular
I'm slowly transitioning back into somewhat of a schedule and it feels nice.
I made the first home cooked meal in weeks on Tuesday and it felt and tasted great! 
I'll post pics and recipes later :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Thanks Jamie for the snapshots! 

Now, hurry up weekend! 
I'm ready for you! 

xo mv

19 August 2010

little bird bride

Happy day before the day before your wedding little sister!
I love you SO much!

& you are such a cute little model.
omg I'm crying (again!)

On another note, 
I hit a major jackpot at the thrift store and will be snipping and sewing up a storm after this wedding weekend. 
Stay tuned for pics :)

xo mv

16 August 2010

monday, MONDAY

A while back my aunt MK told me about a few cameras she found at my late Aunt Mattie Bell's home.
Being the photog that I am I was SO excited to check them out.
Here are some shots from the Yashica Lynx
that I so gratefuly inhereted. 

My Gorge little sister on Graduation day last weekend:

Aug in the studio:

Our beautiful and very best friends from Atl, Erin and B1 came to visit.
It was so so so great. Best weekend ever.

Sis, myself, and Momma D getting ready for Graduation:

And Papi. Being weird. As always.

The photos were shot on expired 35mm Fujifilm 200

Off to bed ... 
after all, tomorrow is my Monday

xo mv

15 August 2010

Tis the season... the busy, very busy season.

Late Summer and into Fall is, and has always been, hectic. 
Busy, very very busy, but it's a fun busy. 
Work is slammed with back to school, sorority recruitment, and the wedding season is still booming.
Speaking of wedding season, Aug and I attended a lovely ceremony and equally fun reception honoring the marriage of our friends Krystal and Kawachi last night at the Hotel Duval. 
Here is a snapshot of the reception, located at Level 8 in the Hotel Duval.

Here is a photo of myself and Aug on the way. 
RTP, obv.
(Check the new 'bans ... thx Charlie!)

Julia (my sweet little sister and best friend forever)'s wedding! Can't waiiit! 
It will be held at Goodwood Plantation in Tallahassee.

Just finished the playlist tonight! It's going to be a great time!
Hurry up August 21st!

On the other hand,
Aug is battling a cold and has been super sleepy all day.
Sort of forced me into lazy mode and I'm pretty thankful. My A.D.D. usually has me running wild on my days off. 
We watched Being John Malkovich this evening on the roku after a late lunch at Cabo's and very much enjoyed all of it!
  Cabo's is a favorite for brunch, lunch dinner, or late night.
 I also whipped up an easy super cheap and quick dinner for the sick man.
It was Baked Cheese Tortellini's pre request :)

This would be great for a last minute weeknight dinner.

Easy Cheesy Tortellini bake recipe:
Boil up one package of frozen tortellini until desired tenderness 
(we like it al dente)
Spread a small amount of red sauce or marinara sauce in a small shallow baking dish
Drain the tortellini's and pour into the baking dish
Lightly cover with more sauce
Grate up about 1/2C of fresh mozzarella and mix with 1/4C goat cheese
Top the tortellini's with the cheese and lightly sprinkle some fresh pesto sauce over top
Bake at 450 for 10 mins or until cheese turns golden brown

xo mv

12 August 2010

Well ... here goes

I've been meaning to start this up for some time now.
All 4oo million of my Google Reader blog subscriptions are devoured daily and I often think to myself 
"I did that, I made that, I flipped that, I cooked that & my dog is cuter than that...(ha!)"
The title of my blog is simple at that, I snip hair during the day and snip and sew clothes in my free time. I very much enjoy cooking / baking, and messing with my food processor (i.e. creating dips). & I am in love with fetching and flipping weather it be furniture, vintage home decor, clothing or hell, and upright old-school arcade games.
Anyway, here goes, and here is a little about me,
I live a beautiful life in Tallahassee Florida and share a gem of a home with my sweet, handsome, and talented boyfriend, Aug, and our recently rescued, deaf-old-man Chihuahua, Papi Chulo. 
We are not small dog people (Aug is a previous owner of a Saint Bernard) but Papi fell right into our laps (literally and figuratively speaking ... story to follow soon I'm sure) and he is an absolute angel.
I'm a Masters graduate of the Aveda Institute and have been styling, coloring, and cutting hair in Tallahassee for about 5 years now and am also a make-up artist. 
I love my job tremendously.
In my spare time I loooooove thrifting and junking (no expensive vintage shopping fo' me pls).
I reupholster, refinish, and re-love old furniture. 
I have a slight obsession with mid-century lamps.
I nickel and dime my way through the flea market and love the thrill of a good find. 
I also have a potted vegetable garden on my patio that has recently be subjected to the Florida heat and wilted away (minus the almighty banana peppers!) 

WELL, enough about me ... let's get this baby ROLLING
(Tomorrow, I'm pooped)

G'nite lovers
xo mv

P.s. I've included a few snapshots...

Myself & Aug enjoying his 30th birthday dinner 

Out on the boat basking in a beautiful St. Marks sunset

My boys

Nice catch

St. Marks lighthouse... where we take our boat out

My lil seed and I with our Sweet Valley High boyfriends (and/or) teachers

Sister's bridal shower ... forgot to remove the clearance tag :-\

Me and my Aug at a one of his recent shows 

Girl's trip to St. Simons Island. We got some big ones.