10 September 2010

Don't tempt me with a good time ...

Oh life, 
oh how you tempt me 
with a good time...

Recent travels, friends, and experiences, have gave me the itch. 
I'm ready to go, get out, live, learn, laugh, play and make moves. 


We've already got close to $700 in our Spain jar...

and I've already got hot on Aug's tail to rearrange his schedule for 
a November road trip from San Francisco to LA
 to see friends (& Sister in Montrey!!) 


Labor Day weekend was spend lounging on the coast
in Santa Rosa beach with out favorite's

Food from out grill out session
...that's fresh shrimp, herb stuffed & parm crusted red snapper (from the local fish market, prepared by Aug), potato salad, toast, and veggie kebobs. mmhhmmm.

...we had fun :)

xo mv


  1. What a good idea to have a trip jar! I'll have to try it...

  2. Y'all have lots of dollars in your jar! Yay!

    That road trip sounds fun :)

    Loves you!