01 September 2010

crabby crabby

Today was rough. My sister left for California and I already miss her SO MUCH.
We are only 15 months apart and have been super close our whole lives.
I'm a blubbering baby. Seriously, so sad.
 I can't wait to go visit them out in Monterey!

On the other hand ...
Monday was a great day.
Our boat is in the shop and the fish weren't biting sooooo,
we went crabbing!
Grabbed a few turkey necks and some cold ones and headed out to the ochlockonee bay.

Caught lots of hermits at first! 
They were adorable.

Our little oasis...

Aug scoopin'

Aug nettin'

Boil time...

A few crabs, shrimp later...

mmm mmm mmmm! 
For the boil we added some sweet & hot peppers from a friends garden, onions, garlic cloves, corn, chives, red potatoes, hot sausage, orzo pasta, sea salt, pepper, lemon & lime juice, crab boil seasoning bag, king fish chunks (from a previous fishing trip), shrimp, and some blue crab.
Drizzle some butter on top and enjoy! 

Happy Labor Day weekend folks!! 
We will either be 
camping / fishing / both / hanging / chillin / laughing / beaching
something awesome! 
What are your plans?!

xo mv


  1. Awwww I miss Jules too :( But they'll only be out there for a little over a year and I KNOW you'll be visiting :) I just love y'alls crabbing pics! Loves you lots!

  2. Looks like you had a GREAT weekend! Monterey is fun! So much fun, you will love visiting! :)


  3. James, I miss her so much.
    I cried to three of my clients today. It was AWFUL. What are yall's plans for Labor Day?! Loves you lots too!!!

    Thanks Anna! I can't wait to visit! You've got an adorable blog!

  4. Aw, you guys are so sweet!

    I know how you feel about being far from your sibling; it's such a horrible feeling, but things will get easier! Keep smiling x

  5. Ooh. Great photos. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time and an even more fantastic meal!