31 August 2010

flea fun

Hello & happy Tuesday. What a beautiful weekend it was in Tallahassee. 
There is a bit of cool in the air now and it feels soooo niiiice. 

Aug's band Relondondo played a show on Saturday night, 
always a good time.

Sunday was great, brunch with some friends then Papi & I went off to the flea market.

I almost came home with those chickens. 
I've got a coop that needs some love.

apparently anything is for sale?

hope everyone has a great evening!
xo mv 


  1. Glad you and Papi had fun at the flea market :) I'm loving all those old school Nintendos!

  2. That's Aug's favorite bin. it's full of Nintendos and Ataris. Haha!

  3. Hah those are some funny pictures, I like the cone for sale!