27 August 2010


I don't even know where to start! 
So much has happened this week and I feel like my head hasn't stopped spinning and my feet haven't stopped moving.
I worked my first 11hr back to back day at the salon and I will admit, I'm beat. 
Julia and Eddie are happily married and on honeymoon in Hawaii. 
The wedding was nothing short of spectacular
I'm slowly transitioning back into somewhat of a schedule and it feels nice.
I made the first home cooked meal in weeks on Tuesday and it felt and tasted great! 
I'll post pics and recipes later :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Thanks Jamie for the snapshots! 

Now, hurry up weekend! 
I'm ready for you! 

xo mv


  1. In some ways I feel like the wedding was months ago and then again I feel like it was just yesterday!

    It really was the prettiest wedding and everything was perfect!

    Glad I able to help with the pics :)

    Loves you lots!

  2. Awww these pictures are great!!!!! I love the photo booth ones! SO cute! :)

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a fun wedding! Just found your blog and am enjoying reading all your post! Happy I found you :)

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls