16 August 2010

monday, MONDAY

A while back my aunt MK told me about a few cameras she found at my late Aunt Mattie Bell's home.
Being the photog that I am I was SO excited to check them out.
Here are some shots from the Yashica Lynx
that I so gratefuly inhereted. 

My Gorge little sister on Graduation day last weekend:

Aug in the studio:

Our beautiful and very best friends from Atl, Erin and B1 came to visit.
It was so so so great. Best weekend ever.

Sis, myself, and Momma D getting ready for Graduation:

And Papi. Being weird. As always.

The photos were shot on expired 35mm Fujifilm 200

Off to bed ... 
after all, tomorrow is my Monday

xo mv


  1. Hi! I've over from Jaime's blog. Great pictures!!

  2. Hi!!! I'm here from Jaime's blog too!!! I love the style of your photos. Great stuff!! Have a great day girl!! :)

  3. I didn't know you got one of MB's old cameras! I love it and the pics you took :) See you SOON!

  4. Hey, thanks for following my blog ! I really want a vintage camera !! Yours looks awesome :)

  5. Hey precious one - love this! See you soon!

  6. LOVING the vintage camera!! The pictures look fantastic.

  7. you have a gorg family!